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Lisa Mazzei is a Tuscany based photographer. Class ’98, from Garfagnana, north Tuscany. She had studied web design and  web development after diploma and now studies Graphics and Visual Communication at Accademia Italiana in Florence. Currenlty she works as a freelance illustrator, web designer and photographer. Her work mainly develops in the digital world but she also works with posters, flyers, magazines and printed stuff.

Firstly, she started as astrophotographer and landscape photographer in her hometown in 2016/2017. Thanks to the interest in cinema she developped narration and storytelling in photography. “Narrative photography” is her first photographic project which has the aim to tells story through photography, based on themes like loneliness and mystery.
Afterwards, she has made the project “Country Mysteries” unifying fiction and documentary in order to tell the mysterious story of the liminal spaces of her hometown.


Le Bruit de Fond
The October Magazine
Fisheye Magazine

Lisa Mazzei Photographer

Self-Portrait | 2021