Lisa Mazzei is an Italian photographer from Garfagnana, north Tuscany. She had studied web design and  web development after diploma and she graduated in Graphic Design and Visual Communication at Accademia Italiana in Florence. In 2021 she moved to Rome to study Direction of Photography. She works as a freelance graphic designer [lyzdesigns.com], photographer and filmmaker.

She started as an astrophotographer and landscape photographer in her hometown in 2016. Her latest project “Country Mysteries: Blue Hours Tales” (2021) unifies fiction and documentary in order to tell the mysterious story of the liminal places of her hometown. Her photography is focused on mystery, liminal places and incommunicability. Her work is halfway between staged photography and documentation, fiction and reality.


Artdoc Magazine
FotoNostrum, Issue no. 18
Fraction Magazine
Fisheye Photo Review 2020.21


Lisa Mazzei Photographer
Self-Portrait | 2021