Country Mysteries


Country Mysteries is a tale about the mystery that surrounds a silent and forgotten centuries-old land. This is the Garfagnana valley, an area located in the ​​northern part of Tuscany, an ancient and quiet land, with very few people interested in rediscovering its charm.
There is a mystery that permeates the everyday landscape; the same mystery that has been living for centuries in the woods and in the mountains.
The mystery represents the only attention-grabbing thing of a generation that has always been disinterested and distant from the ungraspable soul of the countryside.
A secret that the young protagonists try to understand, but they end up getting lost and confused with it, becoming part of this immutable contemplation.
The young protagonists start to explore the landscape and investigate themselves in order to face the impossibility of communication and understand the language of the rural scenary.
The subjects seem to be immortalized in a situation of apparent stillness, when the action turns into a kind of external and internal investigation.
Country Mysteries is a tale halfway between staged photography and documentation, a path between fiction and reality.

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