Vintage Cotton Fioc

Packaging Project


This university project was about the creation of an original packaging for cotton swabs. I made this design for a packaging exam. The design of this packaging is not accidental: the aim was to differentiate the product from the existing market. First I made a market research and I found that there is no graphic interest in cotton swab packaging. Most of them are made of plastic which is not recycled. For this reason I decided to put together a good design and an eco-sustainable product, made of paper which is the easiest material to recycle. Furthermore, a retro choice can be appealing to the customer and communicate the brand’s reliability and longevity. For this reason I chose Q-Tips, the oldest and most sold brand in the world, which is 100 years old.


I took care of all aspects of the graphics, I created the packaging model with Cinema 4D. I put together many aspect and styles of past aesthetic. First of all I was ispired by victorian illustrations to make the two figure, male and female. I used a customized art déco font and I used many decoration that belongs to pop art and comics world, like strips and stars. My goal was to give an immediate and catchy rétro aspect that could be appreciate by everybody. After the design I created a prototype with Procreate and Cinema 4D, and, at the end, physical. I made the advertising that is suitable for a billboard and a landing page to promote the package.